Volunteer with us

Are you a young professional who is tough as nails, passionate about community development, looking for an adventure and craving a new cultural experience? If you YES to any of these then NOPE wants you! Come and volunteer with us and experience how satisfying it feels to do your part in using your skills to improve the lives of those that are less fortunate than yourself! Who are we? We are the National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE); we are a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works in public health and social programs in the East Africa region. NOPE was registered in Kenya in 2001 and changed its mandate to international in 2007. NOPE has a country office in Uganda and is involved in programs in Tanzania. NOPE is a strategic partner in the USAID Cross Border Health Integrated Program Partnership (CB-HIPP) implemented in along the Northern Transport Corridor covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. NOPE implements health and social programs targeting youth in school (including colleges and universities), youth out school, employees in formal and informal workplaces and inadequately served populations (sex workers, truck drivers, Men who have sex with men, young women aged 14-25 years, fisher folks, youth in informal settlements, persons with disability). Vision To build a world with healthy communities and sustained social development. Mission To build the capacity of communities and organizations to deliver quality health and social services. Who Can Volunteer? We are looking for skilled professionals who have backgrounds in education, health and social work. By volunteering with NOPE, you can help build the capacity of communities, combat poverty and improve the quality of life for those that are in most need of it. Why Volunteer? NOPE believes in improving and impacting the lives of people in less fortunate communities; through health and social programs; and we are welcoming you to volunteer with us and become a part of NOPE’s vision of seeing a world full of healthy communities. If you have the skills and are passionate about social development and health then why shouldn’t you volunteer with us? By offering us your skills we believe you will make an impact in the lives of the communities we work with. The impact of your work will be far reaching, leaving a positive legacy that remains long after you have gone back home. Why else? We believe that working with us will give you a Kenyan and even East African cultural experience like no other! We work in different parts of Kenya and the East African Region that allows you to experience and appreciate East Africa’s cultural diversity. Where do we work? NOPE works in more than 30 counties in Kenya; we also have programs running in Uganda. And before you ask, the answer is YES! we offer volunteer experiences in all the different Counties and countries where we work. Want to know about our programs? NOPE currently has 10 programs running that are strewn across Kenya and some even flow across our borders into the East African region. These are the programs we hope that you will be volunteering with: a) HOPE (Health Outcomes through Prevention Education) b) HER Project c) AphiaPlusKamili d) Nuru ya Bonde e) Jamii Bora f) Robert Carr (in Uganda) g) SERHER h) Governance and Leadership i) CB-HIPP j) Youth Centre Project For information regarding our programs or our organization please follow the link below to our website: http://nope.or.ke/ How long can you volunteer? Anytime between 1 week to 6 months! The duration you spend with us is in your hands!